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That night is the big one. You've been languishing in your tasteless world for too long, numbing yourself in your dreary routine. You have made a wish for yourself : you will try to feel alive again at all costs. You play a man hungry for the purest sensations in a world where emotions disappear. For this, you will be led to save the population ... and to face your most extreme fascinations.


Your goal is simple : score the most points ! For that, you have to save the most lives regardless of the means, while paying attention to your gauge of sanity. The longer you stay in the game and save lives, the more points you will earn. But beware, if you stay too long in contact with flames, your sanity will falter and you bring out the arsonist who is in you ! Your goal is now quite different : burn as many buildings as possible. In doing so, you will satisfy your madness and you will have even more lives to save! However, be careful to preserve your sanity, otherwise, it will be the point of no return ... 

Originally developped during 3-day Game Jam with the theme : Perfectly balanced, as all things should be 

How to play

WASD to move
Presses frantically spacebar to ignite


Ce soir là, c'est le grand soir. Cela fait trop longtemps que vous vous morfondez dans votre monde insipide, à vous engourdir dans votre routine morne. Vous vous êtes fait un vœux : vous chercherez à tout prix à vous sentir à nouveau vivant.
Vous incarnez un homme avide de sensations les plus pures dans un monde où les émotions disparaissent. Pour cela, vous serez amenés à sauver la population... et à faire face à vos fascinations les plus délirantes.


Votre but est simple : marquer le plus de points !
Pour cela, vous devez sauver le plus de vies peu importe les moyens, tout en faisant attention à votre jauge d'équilibre mental. Plus vous resterez longtemps en jeu et vous sauverez de vies, plus vous gagnerez de points. Mais attention, si vous restez trop longtemps au contact des flammes, votre santé mentale vacillera et fera sortir le pyromane qui est en vous ! Votre objectif est désormais tout autre : brûler le plus d'immeubles possible. Ce faisant, vous assouvirez votre folie et vous aurez encore plus de vies à sauver !
Toutefois, prenez garde à préserver votre équilibre mentale, sinon, ce sera le point de non-retour...

Ce jeu a été conçu lors d'une Game Jam de 72h avec le thème : Parfaitement équilibré, comme toutes choses devraient être.

Comment jouer

ZQSD pour se déplacer
Appuie frénétiquement sur la barre espace pour utiliser ton lance-flamme


Winthiefow - GD / Dev

Glortag (Mathis Fourneau) - GD / Testeur QA / Writer

Akibo - Graphist

MrDood - Sound Designer

Platypus - Dev / GD


PlayWithFire.rar 97 MB


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Hi, I've made a video about your game and wanted to share somefeedback that hopefully it's helpful to you :D

-The main concept of the game is quite interesting, and the main mechanics could be a little bit polished but they actually work quite well.

-The visual style is quite good.

-The flames sometimes spawn too close to the objectives and you have to get hurt if you want to reach them.

-Adding more deph to the game and more levels could be great.

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thanks ! Yes it helps ! We did our best in 72 hours, but it's interesting to understand what can be improved, especially when you take the time to detail each element. 
No problem ;) 

You are welcome :D

This was so eerily sinister! The art style and music was incredible and the concept is really dark but really interesting!! 

Thank you so much ! This was exactly what we wanted to bring out :D

From the whole team, thank you for this kindness and encouragement !!

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You're so welcome! You guys did a great job on this!!